Outstaffing is the withdrawal of a part of the personnel for the staff and the transfer of functions for the labor registration of personnel to external organizations

Under this scheme, the employee continues to perform his duties at the same place of work as before, but he is already associated with the company Proxima Research, which is now an employer to him.

What are the advantages?

We take on the functions of paying wages, paying taxes, executing labor legislation (hiring, firing). At the same time, all the work is performed by the staff directly for you. In this way:

  • There is no need to register a legal entity / representative office in Uzbekistan (for foreign companies)
  • There is no need for hiring an accountant, a human resources officer, etc.
  • There are no Obligations on labor disputes
  • The burden on enterprise accounting is reduced
  • The number of personnel in the staff-list is decreasing

Outstaffing service is a convenient option for keeping personnel both on entering the market and expanding any of the Company's departments