Proxima Research provides all types of services in the sphere of market research at the pharmaceutical and medical market, in the sector of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. We are ready to provide both Ad Hoc and syndicated research for our clients as well as render consulting services for the adoption of correct strategic decisions.


Qualitative study:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus group discussions

Quantitative study:

  • Rep-Check
  • RepTest
  • Message Recall
  • Brand Health
  • PriceTest
  • ReConTest
  • Store Check


includes promotional activity monitoring of pharmaceutical companies and audit of physician’s prescriptions:

  • PromoTest™
  • RxTest™


is counseling of pharmaceutical companies on the issues, connected with making strategic managerial decisions.


Quantitative study:

Rep-check - is evaluation of sales force effectiveness

  • Real potential of target audience (comparison with data in CRM system, which are recorded by medical representatives)
  • Prescription of competitive products, reasons of prescription
  • Recall of medical representative visits, impact of their visit on the prescription
  • Knowledge of the key message of the product, differentiation of the product key message from the competitive products
  • Efficiency rating of every medical representative separately and in comparison with the team

Message Recall - is a method, which allows to understand how the key message of the product is perceived by the physician

  • Knowledge of the product key message by the target audience
  • Differentiation of the product key message from the competitive products

PriceTest - is a complex of methods, allowing to find out the reasonable price for the products, to evaluate the elasticity

  • Formation of concept on the price elasticity of demand
  • Understanding of optimal price level of the product for the target audience

StoreCheck - is the method, allowing to estimate the level of coverage (penetration) of medications in the points of sale

  • Presence of the medicines in the points of sale
  • Evaluation of cost in the points of sale
  • Presence of medication in the layout, placement of the layout
  • Estimation of recommendations, knowledge of the key messages of medications

RepTest – is evaluation of knowledge on promotional materials and information on the promoted products by medical representatives

  • Evaluation of medical representative knowledge on the product
  • What will be used by a medical representative for the target audience (message deformation during promotional campaign)
  • What is possible/necessary to change

BrandHealth – is a method, allowing to explore the basic marketing product characteristics, and determine how "healthy" the brand is and "how it feels at the market"

  • Potential of brand, brand awareness and prescriptions
  • Perception of brand and its competitors
  • Brand satisfaction
  • Product differentiation on the key characteristics
  • Compliance / non-compliance of brand perception to its positioning
  • Level of brand loyalty
  • Brand value

ReConTest – is a method, allowing to find out the consumer profile, to reveal the most significant channels and factors of influence on the decision of purchase, share of impulse purchase in the total number, the role of pharmacist and physician during purchase, as well as the reasons of switching to other medicines

  • Consumer profile for the medicine target group
  • Sources of information on the medicines
  • Factors, which have impact on the decision of purchase
  • The role of pharmacist in the process of decision making for the product purchase (recommendations, switching, presale etc.)
  • The reason for switching to other medicines

Qualitative study

Qualitative methods (in-depth interviews, focus group discussions) allow to know the expanded opinion of the target audience on the medication, to understand how the brand image is perceived by the target audience as well as the product key message, and testing of various product concepts.

Development, testing and finalization of ideas on the concept of the new product

Development and testing of "key messages" and promotional materials on the product

Advertising testing, beginning from creationof ideas (testing of materials at the early stage of development, testing of finished advertisement, post-tests)

In-depth interviews:

  • In-depth interviews (including ones in dyads and triads)
  • Expert interviews (including ones with KOLs)

Focus groups:

  • Mini groups and extended groups
  • Creative groups
  • Conflict groups


PromoTest™ – is the promotional activity monitoring of the pharmaceutical companies. It is conducted among physicians and pharmacists in large Russian cities on the regular basis.

RxTest™ – is the audit of physician’s prescriptions by diagnoses, associated diseases and patient's profiles. It is conducted among policlinic and hospital physicians of 15 specialties in large Russian cities on the regular basis. A stratified random sampling of physicians is formed in the research according to distribution of specialists in the general sample. The sampling is based on the syndicate database of physicians, MPI and pharmacies (Axioma).


Pharmconsulting is counseling of pharmaceutical companies on the issues, connected with making strategic managerial decisions.

Pharmconsulting direction:

Portfolio strategy

  • financial optimization of product portfolio
  • creation of new product portfolio
  • development of financial and mathematical models

Counselling in the promotion sphere

  • creation of brand promotion strategy and business-unit
  • calculation of marketing budget and creation of the optimal marketing plan
  • audit of promotional activities etc.


  • assessment of new products (generics and innovation products) to be added into product portfolio of the company by evaluating market potential of the drug


  • assessment of market potential of M&A object