Business intelligence for pharma

Proxima Research provides Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for pharma industry of any complexity based on QlikView technology. We have experience in the implementation of over 500 various projects for over 100 pharma industries.

BI is an additional business advantage

The possibility to get accurate and up-to-date information is an additional competitive advantage of the company.

Business Intelligence allows making calculations in large bulk of data and provide information in the maximum convenient appearance for the perception (dashboards with key characteristics, diagrams, allowing to control trends and regularities etc.)

The most popular examples of realized BI solutions for pharma industry:

BI solutions are allowed in QlikView dashboard.

Graphical expression:

Any number of summary tables, diagrams, indicators, speedometers and other information displays can be used in QlikView document.

QlikView provides absolute freedom from desktop and wired systems, making it possible to perform dynamic on-line analytical processing, when it is necessary, anytime, anywhere from any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, ОС Android, Java mobile).

QlikView is easy-to-learn solution, securing fast access to interactive dashboards and diagrams.

The use of BI allows various groups of business users to exchange information and analyze data complex.

BI for the company management:

BI collects data of all available courses in the company and provides the summary to the company executive, which refers to target values. Simultaneously it allows to get back from the unsatisfactory parameter via its constituents to the data of the lower level and up to the primary documents.

As a result the manager sees the current status in the best graphic form on the screen and in case of irregularity can immediately understand the reason for the deviation or the person, guilty in the deviation and issue the regulation on the problem solving.

BI in the company infrastructure:

BI is not a part and does not substitute any other systems, the company may install CRM, ERP, control systems of working hours, accounting software, financial accounting systems, for example, in the form of spreadsheets. These systems can be of various manufacturers, and they are often not connected or slightly connected with each other. BI system connects to each of them and loads all necessary information from them. Total load takes place one time only, and then only update takes place.

Implementation of BI system does not suggest any changes in the operating procedure or IT infrastructure.